Sarah Staton

Sarah Staton makes exhibitions, commissioned sculptures for specific sites, furniture and publications. Her sculptural pavilion ‘Steve’ has been commissioned for the 2014 Folkestone Triennial where it is installed on the Stade, looking out towards mainland Europe. This asymmetric construction of five perforated steel plates is accompanied and set among verdant edible coastal planting. The green and the orange work together to create a commons of sorts on the harbour wall. The mix of hard and soft materials that can be seen in Steve, is something that the artist returns to in many of her works. The tactile qualities of material are exploited in a variety of ways, as are ideas, colours and formal relationships. Sarah Staton uses the richness of the English language as a further space for invention, quotation and appropriation. Exhibitions and bodies of work that she has developed in the past two decades include Harold and Maude, Spiders on Drugs, Anti-Paintings, How the West has Won and Lost, A Clump of Plinths, SupaStore and THE SCHTIP. Collaboration is a vital aspect of her activity.

This website gives a glimpse of her production. The site has been built by Los Angeles based design studio NJ(L.A.)™, who created WebGL art piece “Steve Digital” which appears on the landing page. NJ(L.A.)™ is ran by German designer Nicole Jacek—Sarah and Nicole have collaborated on two award-winning publications prior to “Steve Digital” and the Sarah Staton website. Sarah Staton is a Senior Tutor in Sculpture at the RCA, London.

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